We provide great quality Lamoist products

Lapis Legit is an Indonesian layer cake, traditionally served together with tea during events or even just to have around as a teatime companion. This cake is unique, as even though there are other variants from areas all around the peninsula, like the Malaysian Kueh Lapis, the Indonesian variant features a recipe brought on by the Dutch during their occupation of Indonesia.

This creates a mix of the Malay version that was enjoyed by the natives with a more European form of the cake that features a firmer texture which combined elements of the Kueh Lapis and its European counterpart in the multi-layered Spit Cake. This cake is also known as Spekkoek. It’s very unique in nature as it features quite a large amount of spices to enrich its flavors, along with key ingredients such as high quality butter.

What to Eat In Batam Lamoist is the Best Lapis Legit Layer Cake


We provide great quality Lamoist products


Founded by Ms. Ann in 2003 after being inspired by her grandmother’s recipe, Lamoist found its early footings simply to fulfil Ms Ann’s husband’s craving for Kue Lapis. After numerous trials and errors as well as modifying the recipe to create a better tasting cake, Lamoist was then founded to help spread the incredible flavors that our cakes bring, with our first fans being Mr Ann’s fellow badminton players.


We then opened our very first outlet in BCS mall all the way back in 2005, followed by our second outlet in Nagoya Hill Mall the following year, and the rest is history. During our long journey, we have realized that we have been catering to quite a large amount of tourists coming in from overseas to bring our layer cake back to their home country. This is also why we have decided to introduce a pick up, delivery, and pre order system to help make this process of bringing our Kue Lapis back much easier than it has previously been when customers had to carry it all the way from our outlets back to their home.


We are also the very first Kue Lapis company that has been certified directly by Golden Churn Premium Butter, one of Australia’s most renowned butter manufacturer as we use nothing but the best quality ingredients in all of our cakes. We believe that since butter plays such an important role in Kue Lapis, using anything but the best ingredients would not do the cake any justice, and therefore letting down our customers in the process. Customers will also be delighted to know that we do not use any preservatives in our cakes. This is because we have quite a large amount of outlets spread across the island, making it very easy for us to move our stock around, and since each of our cakes are freshly baked every single day, we never have to compromise and sell old stock at a discount with compromised taste.



For Lamoist to be enjoyed by everyone around the world in all occasions


To be the recommended food item for tourists to bring back home from Batam
To always provide the best layer cake in the market
To uphold our standards of quality in all the products that we sell



As the only brand certified by Australia’s Golden Churn Premium Butter, the quality of our cakes speaks for itself. Featuring no preservatives and only using the highest quality ingredients, our cakes are baked fresh every single day to ensure that our customers can have a peace of mind when buying our cakes, knowing that they just left the oven mere moments before they purchase them.


Our famous recipe is custom made by our founder and has not been replicated with any success. This makes our cakes truly unique and allows our customers to experience flavors unlike any other. This, paired with the sheer popularity and decadence of our cakes makes it one of the easiest choices when thinking of what food item to bring back to your home country.


We understand that carrying our cakes on our customer’s travels could be a hassle. This is why we have also introduced a pre-order, pick up, and delivery system to further help our customers make their travel all the more convenient while still being able to carry our lovely cake back home.

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