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  • Hi, Joe – Thank you very much for your arrangement last week. I was too busy to visit Batam, but my kind friends did it for me. Thanks to you I was able to grab some Lamoist cakes for my kids. They love your chocolate lapis a lot. I am happy that Kate and others love it too – Well done – and good luck to your growing biz !

  • Thanks for the prompt delivery. And yes me & hubby finished up the whole cake in the hotel itself & brought back the other two which also finished yesterday!!! Wished I ordered more!!! But really can’t carry back to Singapore!!! Might be back in Batam again in January. And yes Ill order more hopefully if my hubby decided to come home (Singapore) with me… Thanks again JOE!!!

  • Gue ini seorang maniak kue lapis. Biasanya sih, langganan di Lapis House di Jakarta. Pas lagi ke Batam minggu lalu – yah jalan jalan ke Nagoya Hill, biasa lah- cari cemilan- Nah, ini ada sales yang nawarin taster kue lapis nih – saya coba – waduh – mantap banget untuk seharga ini. Kalo yg selevel ini mah biasanya rp300ribuan. Gile kan ? Maka nya gue support Layers nih – Best quality for affordable price !! Jangan terlambat kirim pesanan gue yah đŸ™‚

  • My girlfriend bought me ‘Lamoist’ layer Cake (Kuih Lapis) during her leisure trip to Batam, I tasted it and felt it is delicious. When I was in Batam 1st time for leisure, I went to the Nagoyah Hills Mall, this is only stall that I looked for, ‘Lamoist’ Layer cake which is in front of A&W, I bought a few of their number 1 bestseller which is the Original Butter Kuih Lapis for my family in Malaysia. My family told me it is so delicious. Well, this is the only shop that I recommend for Kuih Lapis, and I am becoming their regular customer.

  • “It was the first time my husband and I went to Batam in Dec 2011. I did some research online and see which are the usual stuff most Singaporeans buy from Batam. There were good reviews on Layers Kueh lapis and We decided to try some and bought 2 boxes when we went over to Nagoya hills. Our families like it and I think it was one of the nicest kueh lapis I had ever tasted. It is also good that it wasn’t oily. We will definitely buy again if we were to make a trip to Batam.”

  • I was over in Batam center last weekend on 8th January and bought Layer’s Original Kuei Lapis. Must say they are really good! – not oily and not too sweet. Besides the Kuei Lapis the Tau Sar Bia is also yummy! would definitely continue to recommend your Kuei Lapis to friends.

  • Hi Joe, Sorry for the late reply cos I seldom use yahoo account=) My family and colleagues all love your kueh lapis. Can’t get it in Singapore so sad. I had great time in Batam so i will try to make another trip there again maybe end of the year. Will give you my orders again next time =)

  • I had Prune Lamoist cake and it tasted just nice! It is not overly sweet nor heavy but definitely brings out the aroma to kueh lapis. Staffs there are patient and they are very friendly in explaining to you the different type of cakes and tibits. As for the durian, it definitely tastes nice but should have multiple layer with durian in it instead of just the top layer. I also had their Kropok Kapsul Warna Warni, really nice and you should grab it together when you are buying their cakes. Thank you to Layers’ Staffs for the great cakes and tibits.

  • During last month Batam trip, I did bought a box of tis kueh lapis back to Singapore. We shared among friends. I feel happy,because i bought back the right brand of super delicious Kueh Lapis. all of them thumb up.. The texture is soft, and tastes not that sweet.. The most important reason is that NOT OILY.. During every Chinese New Year, i use to order Kueh Lapis for my relatives.

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