Lamoist – Specialty Layers Cake


Unique titbits from Batam, such as Moistelle Pinatartes, WANGLAI durian Melts, Gong Gong crackers, AIA grade A+ Fish Coins, AIA grade A+ cuttlefish crackers, Fried Spinach, Smoked Bananas crackers, Emping Belinjo, Maicih super hot (level 3 & 10)etc. From friends to raws, all available under one roof !! – Only available for Batam purchase



Modern and Traditional Pies available, from the renowned Wang Lai delicacies to the latest modern pie to endulge your buds – Only available for Batam purchase


– We opened our first residential outlet, at Permta Baloi, beside the basket ball courts. The freshest as it can be

– Starting from 2017 Jan, we did not bake honey cake anymore, instead, we sell ambon / honey cakes from external supplier. Hence the white plain boxes. We apologize for the inconvenience

– We are serving Singapore direct- supplying to our partner at Lamoist Layers Singapore Pte Ltd – Please contact 96648567 – However, individual order will temporary still be processed by Batam

HAPPY MIX is being relaunched (One box with EIGHT different flavors) which is perfect for gifts from Batam to your family or friends- Specifically for Batam purchase!!.
We have renovated our outlet in Nagoya Hill Mall. Still the same place, but much bigger.
We have added a new outlet in BATAM CENTER POINT international ferry Terminal for your convenience. Its just over the escalator. Now you can preorder through whatsapp or counter everywhere and pick up there. No need to bring around the heavy cakes when u sightseeing in Batam.
HAPPY HOLIDAY !! Our Bursting Cheese has been PLUSSED with MZR cheese, you would never want to miss this.
Traditional Layer Cakes
Traditional Layer Cakes
Premium Lamoist Layer Cakes
Premium Lamoist Layer Cakes

– Wondering why people are holding purple gold bags? Its the best layer cakes from Batam for your family and relatives tweeted

– REMEMBER – we give FREE DELIVERY service to anywhere inside our branches coverage – please enquire – Simply relax or let the hotel concierge do the cake receipt!!

– Visit our Nagoya Hill Mall and BCS Mall outlets- you might get lucky – hot kue lapis direct from oven is available on weekends ( usually around 1000h, 1300h, 1530and 1830h)


  • Batam Center Ferry Terminal Level 2 in Front of Escalator
    Opening Time : 7000h - 2030h (Batam Time)
  • Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal Level 1 at Domestic Area
    Opening Time : 8000h - 2000h (Batam Time)
Harbourbay Mall
  • BCS Mall at Ground Floor Near Escalator
    Opening Time : 1000h - 2130h (Batam Time)
BCS (2)
  • Nagoya Hill Mall Food Street Area in Front A&W, Left Atrium and Front Pizza Hut
    Opening Time : 1000h - 2130h (Batam Time)
Outlet Lamoist (2)
  • Sekupang International Ferry Terminal - Departures
    Opening Time : 0800h - 1830h (Batam Time)
sft samping
Sft depan
  • Mega Mall Batam Centre Level 3
    Opening Time : 1000h - 2100h (Batam Time)
  • Bayfront Mall Level 2
    Opening Time 8000h - 2000h (Batam Time)
Outlet Lamoist (4)
  • Grand Mall Basement
    Opening Time 1000h - 2100h (Batam Time)
Grand Mall
Grand Mall (2)
  • Also available at Penuin777 (market)
    Opening Time 1000h - 2100h (Batam Time)

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